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Alpine Skis

Discover our selection of alpine skis and others in sale for up to 50%.

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Endless roads

Enjoy the road experience to its fullest with a bike that fits you like a glove. There are no words to describe the feeling of flying on your two-wheeled freedom machine. Only you, your bike, and the endless road.


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The paths less traveled

Conquer the less traveled paths, in any condition, with our adventure bikes. Find freedom whether you’re dropping the hammer on the gravel scene, bikepacking into the unknown, or shredding flowy singletrack.

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Drawn to the trails

Reach the top of the steepest climbs with ease and full speed, yet keep control downhill and pummel the most demanding descents. Whatever your riding type is, we have the bike that suits your needs.

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Faster and farther

Smooth, powerful, and quiet pedal assist solutions, maximum range, and superior connectivity, with every aspect of the system working in harmony with the bike.

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To go further

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Indoor Bike Trainers and Accessories

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Our Services

Frequent use of a bicycle requires special attention to preserve the lifespan and proper functioning of the mechanical components.

In addition, a well-adjusted bike in good order is much more pleasant to ride.

Ski Workshop
Bike Workshop

Social responsibility

Equipment matters, but so is recycling, reusing, and repairing. That is why we are involved in different fundraising activities for local organizations and charities besides helping to develop our local community.