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Otto and Jeanne Lagervall founded Yakima Industries in the town of Yakima, Washington. Otto, inventor and paddle sports enthusiast, handcrafts foot bars for canoes and kayaks. Their small machine shop also creates roof racks for transporting ladders and pruning equipment. In the following years, Yakima Industries introduced its first domestic product: the Gold Rush Bar. After years of developing transportation equipment for bicycles, kayaks, skis and all other sports, Yakima has established itself among the best in the industry.
In 2005, Yakima moved its headquarters from California to Oregon. Two wishes accompany this transition: keep friends in the cars, and not stay serious in Portland. Now, Yakima USA and Yakima Australia coexist as sister companies. Yakima USA continues to produce most cargo management system products, while off-road products are designed in Australia. Their high-end products for athletes and adventurers are sold internationally to the delight of outdoor lovers.